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Apply for Housing with

JOBE Transitional Living Program

Thoroughly read all instructions before completing and submitting the application.

Applicant Eligibility

  • Applicants may be TAY (Transitional Age Youth) that fall into the age range of 18 to 25 years old.

  • They lack safe, stable housing in the community.

  • They may have insufficient funds and lack employment experience and skills.

  • They are required to set goals and follow through with the necessary steps to meet those goals.

Program Criteria

Referral Policy

Generally, applicants are referred to JOBE TLP through social workers, ILP coordinators, and various educational institutions.



This process is the responsibility of the Program Director and Case Manager to ensure that each applicant is thoroughly interviewed. Applicants may be asked for a second interview and will be notified within 48 hours if they have been accepted.



Once accepted, residents will reside with housemates in a home with support and guidance provided by JOBE TLP. Program Director, Case Manager, and Counselors will assist residents prepare themselves for the future. Residents will set and achieve goals related to employment, education, and finances.


A major benchmark of JOBE TLP is to encourage residents to complete the highest level of education based on their individual goals.


House Rules and Expectations

Upon entering the JOBE program, residents will be required to sign contracts such as a leasing agreement, rules and expectations, etc.

How to Apply for JOBE Transitional Living Program

The purpose of our program is to provide opportunity and support to young men and women who have a desire to better their futures and end the cycle of poverty. The JOBE program will assist all our residents in preparing themselves for the future workforce. We have found that young men and women who proceed are much more invested in their future.


1) Take the time to fill out the Resident Application properly.


2) All sections of the application are required, so complete it in its entirety.

3) Complete the application below or download it here. If completing a handwritten application, submit it by fax, mail, or email.

4) Applicants will be contacted by the Program Director and/or Case Manager to schedule an interview. The applicant will be instructed when and where to meet for the interview process. This is an interview. Be prepared and dress appropriately.

5) At the completion of the interview, the applicant may be asked to provide additional information or documents. Applicants’ information and background will be reviewed.

6) After enough information has been provided, Program Director and Case Manager will decide if the candidate is a proper fit for JOBE TLP.


NOTE: The candidate’s level of investment to the application process will be a factor in the final decision.

Applicant Information

Resident Application

Do you have children?

If yes, please explain.

Which program are you applying for (Men's or Women's)?

Employment Information

Provide employment history for the past three years, starting with your current or most recent job.

Employer #1

Employer #2

Employer #3

Educational History

Do you plan to attend a college/university?

Do you plan to complete a GED?

Rental History

Provide the following information for the three most recent addresses where you have lived.

Recent Address #1

Recent Address #2

Recent Address #3

Income Sources/Benefits

If you are receiving Social Security, SSI, Food Stamps, Welfare or any subsidies, benefits or housing assistance, please identify the source and monthly amount.

Criminal History

Have you ever been convicted of any crimes?

If yes, please explain below:

Have you ever been on probation? Are you currently on probation or parole?

If yes, please explain below:

Clean & Sober Requirement

JOBE TLP does not permit the possession or use of alcohol or other intoxicants or any illegal controlled substances (drugs). JOBE TLP considers marijuana to be a prohibited intoxicant unless used for a medical condition under a prescription from a licensed physician. A drug test is required prior to acceptance into the program AND random drug testing while living at the home is required.

Do you agree to the above prohibitions on use of alcohol, other intoxicants (including

marijuana) and any illegal controlled substances?

Are you willing to take a drug test prior to being selected for residence at JOBE TLP?

Do you agree to random drug testing if selected to live at the home?

Personal References

Please provide the personal references of three people other than family members who know you well. By providing this information, you authorize JOBE TLP staff to contact these individuals regarding your ability to be a resident at the home.

Reference #1

Reference #2

Reference #3

Future Goals

Please tell us why you would like to live at JOBE TLP. Explain, in detail, how the JOBE TLP program can help you reach your goals (short term and long term).

I hereby certify that the information I have provided is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Thanks for applying!

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