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Education is one of the main benchmarks of JOBE Transitional Living Program. Residents receive guidance and assistance with school enrollment, completing the FAFSA, registering for classes, obtaining school supplies tutoring, weekly planning, and study skills. The Men's and Women's Programs both have study areas that are quiet spaces equipped with desks, high-speed internet, printers, ink and paper.


Community Service

Giving back to others in the form of community service is a great way to develop a sense of purpose. JOBE residents volunteer once a year at the Sisters of Scared Heart Ranch in Chatsworth. Residents spend an entire morning and afternoon assisting the Sisters by beautifying their ranch. Engaging in community service provides JOBE residents with an opportunity to improve their local community, connect with others, learn new skills, and provide a service to those who need help the most.


Group Outings

Group outings are a great way for JOBE residents and staff to bond while having a great time! Past outings include: movie theaters, hiking adventures, beach days, restaurants, amusement parks, restaurants, and county fairs.


Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays are always a huge celebration at JOBE. Every resident's birthday is celebrated at the JOBE House. The birthday boy or gal is allowed to choose which restaurant they'd like to have cater the party. Their favorite type of cake is provided as well. All staff and residents are invited to gather in honor of the birthday boy or gal on their special day!

Birthdays are so special at JOBE because, for some of our residents, it will be their first time ever having a birthday celebration.


Life Skills

Life Skills classes take place one Friday a month during the school semester. Residents and staff gather at the JOBE House to discuss topics that are important for independence and young adulthood.

Topics for Life Skills classes include:


Time Management

Interview Skills


Building Credit

Apartment 101

Cooking Classes

Study Skills for College Students

Appreciation & Gratitude

Professional Communication

CPR & First Aid

Safe Relationships

Table Manners & Etiquette

How to Purchase a Car

Car Maintenance 

...and more!

If you are interested in being a guest speaker at a Life Skills class, fill out the application.


Healthy Living

Healthy living is encouraged at JOBE. Learning how to cook is an integral part of the JOBE program. It is an important life skill that all residents will learn during their time at JOBE. We implement this by requiring one resident each night to cook dinner for their housemates. Residents are encouraged to get creative and try new recipes. Residents are also encouraged to utilize the fitness center provided by JOBE. The fitness center is equipped with exercise machines, free weights, a treadmill, a yoga ball, and other various exercise equipment.


Employment Preparedness

JOBE prepares residents for employment by providing guidance and assistance with resume building, mock interviews, job leads, transportation, references, letters of recommendation and professional clothing. Securing and holding employment is another key benchmark of the program. Program Director Keith Wieser instills in each resident the "ABC's of Employment." The goal is to first get A job, transition to a Better job, and eventually obtain a Career! Residents are taught to have great work ethic and always leave employment on a good note so that they can guarantee a good reference for future employment opportunities.


Holiday Celebrations

Holidays are always a joyous time. In fact, Thanksgiving and Christmas are the biggest days of the year at JOBE. Current and former residents are invited to join staff in celebration of the holiday season. Each holiday celebration is filled with plenty of food, fun, games, and laughter. 

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